Wood Destroying Pest Control

Wood Destroying Pest Control Services in Union County

Putting a Stop to Wood Damage to Your Structure & Property

Wood destroying pests are an ever-present threat to the structural integrity of residential and commercial properties in Union County. These pests, such as termites, carpenter ants, wood borers, and powderpost beetles can cause extensive damage to a home or business if left unchecked. The destruction they cause is not only costly but can also be dangerous if not addressed immediately. Fortunately, professional pest control services from Universal Pest Control can help protect your property against these destructive creatures.

Universal Pest Control is your go-to pest control company in Union County, offering comprehensive services to protect your home or business from wood destroying insects. Our certified experts have been extensively trained to detect and treat these pests, ensuring they are eradicated quickly and efficiently. With their years of experience and expertise, our technicians can identify the exact species of insect that is causing the wood damage, then treat it with the correct solution.

Contact us today by phone at (908) 403-3115 or by completing our online contact form to schedule a free estimate. Our Roselle team is eager to help eliminate the wood destroying pests from your home.

Common Wood Destroying Insects That Invade Homes

Wood destroying insects can cause significant damage to homes if left untreated. Some of the most common wood destroying insects that can invade and damage homes include powderpost beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and termites. 

  • Powderpost beetles are a type of wood-boring beetle that often infest hardwoods, such as oak and ash. These small pests leave behind tiny holes in the wood surface, usually filled with a fine powdery dust from their eggs and larvae. To stop the damage from these beetles, homeowners should immediately contact a professional pest control company for treatment. 
  • Carpenter ants also cause significant damage to wood structures when they build nests inside walls or furniture. These large black ants can weaken structural integrity by creating galleries and tunnels in wood pieces throughout a home. A skilled pest control technician can help rid your home of these pests with proper insecticides to stop further damage. 
  • Carpenter bees are another destructive species of insect that homeowners should keep an eye out for. These bees bore into wooden surfaces such as siding, eaves, or decks to create nest chambers for their young. If left unchecked, these bees can cause extensive damage to your property with their drilling activities. Our team at Universal Pest Control can help you quickly get rid of these troublesome bees before they cause serious harm to your structure. 
  • Termites are one of the most damaging types of wood-destroying insects due to their ability to eat away at wooden structures quickly and silently. Though often unseen until it’s too late, homeowners should be aware of signs such as mud tubes on exterior walls or hollowed-out wood pieces inside their homes that could indicate a termite infestation has taken hold. 

To prevent the destruction caused by these wood destroying pests, Universal Pest Control provides comprehensive inspection and extermination services designed specifically for these insects to ensure complete elimination from your property in Union County.

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Signs to Watch Out For

One of the reasons wood destroying pests are so destructive is that they work undercover and in silence. They can go undetected for long periods of time, slowly chipping away at the structure of your home without you ever knowing. Eventually, though, they will leave evidence that something is amiss and it's important to be aware of these signs so you can catch them early and prevent further damage. 

Watch out for the following signs you may have wood destroying pests:

  • Unexplained holes in walls or wood structures 
  • Damaged or discolored wood flooring 
  • Strange smells coming from inside wall cavities 
  • Piles of sawdust near baseboards 
  • Droppings around windowsills and doorways 
  • Swarms of flying insects around lights 

If you're concerned that you may have wood destroying insects in your home, contact the experts at Universal Pest Control. Our licensed technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in handling all kinds of pests, including termites, carpenter ants, and bees. We will assess the situation and create a customized treatment plan that best suits your needs and budget. 

Don't wait until it's too late; get your home protected today! Call our Union County team today at (908) 403-3115 or contact us online for relief from wood destroying pests!

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