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Welcome to Union County's trusted pest control experts, Universal Pest Control! With a decade of experience under our belt, we are your licensed go-to team for all your earwig-related concerns. At Universal Pest Control, we take pride in our specialized services designed to eliminate earwig infestations swiftly and effectively. Our skilled technicians are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure your home or business remains earwig-free. 

Say goodbye to those pesky earwigs with confidence, knowing that Universal Pest Control has your back. Trust us for reliable, experienced, and licensed pest control services in Union County.

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When to Consider Professional Pest Control for Earwigs?

Consider professional pest control for earwigs in the following situations:

  • Large Infestations: If you have a significant earwig infestation.
  • Repeated Infestations: When earwigs keep returning despite your efforts.
  • Allergic Reactions: If anyone experiences allergic reactions or skin irritations.
  • Garden Damage: When earwigs cause extensive harm to your plants.
  • Uncertain Identification: If you're unsure about the pest type.
  • Safety Concerns: If you're worried about using pesticides.
  • Persistent Issues: When earwigs continue to be a problem.

How Can I Prevent Earwig Infestations in My Home?

To prevent earwig infestations in your home, follow these steps:

  • Seal Entry Points: Carefully inspect your home for openings, crevices, or gaps, and seal them off to bar earwigs from infiltrating. Focus on securing doors, windows, foundation gaps, and vents.
  • Moisture Control: Earwigs are drawn to damp environments, so repair any plumbing leaks and ensure proper drainage. Employ dehumidifiers in areas prone to moisture, like basements and crawl spaces.
  • Outdoor Cleanup: Eliminate debris, such as leaves, woodpiles, and mulch, from the vicinity of your home. These materials often provide hiding spots for earwigs.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Reduce the intensity of outdoor lighting near entrances, as bright lights tend to attract earwigs. Opt for yellow or sodium vapor lights, which are less appealing to these insects.
  • Landscaping Management: Trim vegetation and shrubs away from your home to remove potential hiding places for earwigs. Maintain a dry and well-ventilated garden.
  • Window and Vent Screens: Install screens on doors and windows to block earwigs from entering your home.
  • Routine Cleaning: Keep your living space tidy and free of food crumbs, as earwigs may be attracted to these food sources.
  • Professional Evaluation: Schedule periodic pest assessments with a certified expert to detect and address potential earwig issues in their early stages.

By taking these preventive actions, you can significantly lower the likelihood of earwig infestations in your home.

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