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While our licensed and insured pest control team has put together a solid general pest control program to treat many common household pests, we also know that other pests require a more sophisticated plan of attack. We provide a variety of specialty pest control services, such as tick, mosquito, bedbug, and stinging insect control for residential and commercial properties throughout Union County. 


Our team will inspect your property thoroughly to identify any potential sources of infestation. Once we have identified the source of the problem, we can develop an effective treatment plan tailored to your particular situation. With our cutting-edge techniques, specialized equipment, and modern products, we guarantee safe and reliable solutions that keep your family safe from pests. 

When it comes to specialty pest control services in Union County, trust the experienced professionals at Universal Pest Control. We offer fast response times and guarantee satisfaction with our pest control services. 

Contact us today at (908) 403-3115 or complete our online form to schedule a free estimate or discuss treatment options!

Specialty Pests We Target

Not all pests behave the same way, so as a result, they should not be treated the same way. While there are professional-grade products we use that target a wide variety of household pests, other pests require a specialized method of control unique to their habits and tendencies. For such pests, we go above and beyond our normal inspection procedures to pinpoint exactly where these insects are, then develop a unique treatment plan that will drastically impact their population and wipe it out efficiently.

You can trust our experts to handle the following specialty pests:

  • Ticks: These tiny parasites can be dangerous and difficult to remove, but specialized treatments can help make your home safe.
  • Mosquitoes: These bloodsucking bugs can spread diseases and leave itchy bites. Professional pest control services are essential for eradicating them quickly and effectively.
  • WaspsWasps love sweet things, so keeping food covered and away from their nests is important in controlling these stinging pests. 
  • BeesThough generally beneficial to the environment, bees may become a nuisance when they nest too close to homes or gardens. Specialized removal is necessary to prevent further damage or injury. 
  • HornetsHornets are aggressive stinging insects that should not be dealt with without professional help due to their size and potency of venom. 
  • Bedbugs: The most effective way to eliminate bedbugs is by using chemical treatments along with proper sanitation practices—professional assistance will ensure total extermination for good!
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Going Above and Beyond For Better Results

At Universal Pest Control, our licensed and insured technicians take a detailed approach to thoroughly eliminate pest infestations. We specialize in inspecting homes for initially undetected problems and developing treatment plans to target even the toughest of pests. Our experienced team is committed to providing superior service that gives customers peace of mind.

To ensure successful pest control, you can trust our technicians to do the following: 

  • Thoroughly inspect property both inside and outside for signs of pests 
  • Take note of any existing or possible entry points or nesting sites 
  • Develop an effective plan tailored to each property’s needs 
  • Use high-grade products specifically designed for each type of pest 
  • Utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which includes using physical barriers like sealing cracks/crevices as well as non-chemical methods when appropriate 
  • Follow up with regular checkups and treatments if needed 

We understand the importance of prompt and reliable service. Our technicians are committed to providing excellent customer service for even the toughest infestations. With our years of experience and knowledge of specialty pests, you can be sure that your home is in good hands with us! 

Contact us today at (908) 403-3115 or reach out to us online to learn more about our services. Our Roselle pest control specialists are standing by and eager to assist you.

The Method to Our Madness

Our multi-step system has proven time and time again to work efficiently for maintaining round the clock pest control. We’ll provide you with a customized plan is designed to get pests out your home and keep them out year-round.

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